Whirlpool Refrigerator Ice Maker Parts:

Whirlpool 8-Cube Bare Ice Maker WPW10190965
You Simply Use your wire harness, front cover, wire arm off your old ice maker and add them to this new ice maker.
4317943 Whirlpool Ice Maker WPW10190943
Includes Ice Maker, Cover, Flat Style Wire Harness & Wire Shut-Off Arm.
2198597 Whirlpool 8-Cube Ice Maker Asm PS869316
For 25cf-27cf Models With Vertical Ice Bucket In Freezer Door.
WPW10190961 Whirlpool Ice Maker (5-Cube) PS11749917
For 20cf - 23cf SxS Models With Vertical Ice Bucket in the Freezer Door.
W10757851 Ice Maker Optics Board 4389102 PS10064583
'No Refunds This Part'
'Warranty Replacement Only'
WP2198633 Whirlpool Ice Optics Flipper PS11739242
For Models With Vertical Ice Bucket in Freezer Door.

WPW10715708 Whirlpool Ice Maker Kit ECKMF94 PS11757272
For Refrigerators With Flat Plug Ice Maker Only Feature.

WP2166261 Whirlpool Ice Cube Bucket PS11738965
Ice Cube Bucket For Models With Reach In Ice Only.
WPW10277448 Whirlpool Ice Maker PS11751735
For KitchenAid, Maytag, Jenn-Air, Whirlpool 42" & 48" Wide Built-In Models.
WPW10190935 Whirlpool Module & Motor PS2341896
Used For Most Domestic Modular Style Ice Makers!
WPW10190929 Ice Mold & Heater PS11749915
Used For All Domestic 8-Cube Modular Style Ice Makers.

W10309400 Flat Plug Wire Harness PS3500358
For Whirlpool Brand Ice Makers That Use This Flat Style Plug.
W10882923 Whirlpool Ice Maker WPW10377151 PS11769140
Fits a few Whirlpool - KitchenAid & Maytag Refrigerators.
Whirlpool W10884390 Ice Maker PS11765620
Fits a few Whirlpool - KitchenAid & Maytag Refrigerators.