U-Line 402 Ice Maker Replacement AP6039731

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Price $469.95
Part ID: U-Line-Ice-Maker



12-Cube / 6 Wire / 115 Volt Ice Maker.


U-Line Ice Maker Replacement 12-Cube / 6 Wire (replaces 5-Wire) / 115 Volt Replacement Ice Maker For All Domestic Models Requiring the 402 icemaker.
TECH NOTE FROM: Technical Support - U-Line Corporation - New ice makers come with the wire harness that has 6 wires. The green/yellow wire is not needed. Wire all of the other wires color for color (green to solid yellow). The green/yellow should just be capped off.
Non Refundable Part! Return For Warranty Replacement Only!
NOTE: Warranty is for parts of the ice maker only! Not the complete ice maker.
Replaces Part Numbers: AP6039731, AP6037245, 4455859, 4455123