How To Test 2198597 & W10190961

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Troubleshooting Whirlpool 2198597 (8-Cube) | W10190961 (5-Cube) Ice Makers

How To Start a Whirlpool 2198597 (8-Cube) and W10190961 (5-Cube) Ice Maker.
(Step 1) Use a Jumper Wire Between Test Holes T and H (you are jumping Thermostat and Heater)
(Step 2) Leave Jumper Wire In Place.
(Step 3) Close Freezer Door.
(Step 4) Wait 15 - 20 Seconds.
(Step 5) Open Door and Check To See If Ice Maker is Cycling. (Take Out Jumper Wire)
(A) If Ice Maker Is Cycling, Ice Maker Is Good!
(B) If Ice Maker Is Not Cycling, Ice Maker Is Bad!
Water Fill
At The End Of The Cycle, Water Should Fill Into The Ice Maker.
(A) If Yes, Valve Is Good!
(B) If No, Valve Is Bad!