TechSheet 4389102

The W10757851 4389102 Ice Maker Control Boards - (This Component Tells The W10190961 or the 2198597 Ice Maker If The Ice Bin Is Full Or Not), Meaning, If Ice Bin Is Full - The Red LED Beam Will Be Blocked By The Ice Therefore Not Letting The Ice Maker Cycle Any Ice To Be Harvested Until The Red LED Beam is Clear (Ice Is Lower Than The Beam).
A Good Ice Maker Control Board Is Indicated By: A Steady Red Beam When You Open The Freezer Door And Hold The Flipper On The Left Side Wall In.
If You Get A (Blink - Blink - Pause - Blink - Blink - Pause ) Continuously, It Means The Optics Boards Should Be Replaced!
You will need to order the Whirlpool W10757851 4389102 Optics Board

Tech Sheet for W10757851 4389102 Ice Maker Optics Diagnostics Procedure!

W10757851_4389102 Instruction 2