10-Inch Basic In-Line Water Filter

Basic 10 inch In-line Water Filter
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Price $19.95
Part ID: 10-Inch-Basic-In-Line-Filter


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Designed for Refrigerators with Ice Maker Only Feature, Plumbed Coffee Makers, Water Coolers & Under Counter Ice Machines.


This 10" Basic In-line Water Filter is designed for refrigerators with automatic ice makers and plumbed coffee makers, water coolers and Under the Counter Ice Machines with ¼" outside diameter copper or plastic tubing.
Connects To Your 1/4 inch Water Line with Quick Connect Fittings.

Installation Instructions

  • You will see a (WATER FLOW) Directional Arrow On Filter: (this is the direction that you want the water to flow from the water source to the Refrigerator, UnderCounter Ice Machine or Water Cooler). The Arrow Points To The Appliance.
  • Connect the Water Source End of the Filter.
  • Aim the open end of the Water Filter Cartridge into the Pail and turn on the water.
  • You will need to Flush the Cartridge into a pail for several minutes (1 to 2 gallons) to remove the carbon fines (carbon particles) from the new cartridge.
  • Next Connect Open End of Filter Cartridge to the Refrigerator, UnderCounter Ice Machine or Water Cooler.
  • You should be enjoying fresher tasting water now.