KitchenAid Under Counter Ice Machine Parts

WP759296 Ice Machine Water Valve PS11744634

3/4 Inch Threaded Inlet - 1/4 Inch Threaded Outlet

W10801996 Whirlpool Water Valve 2315509 PS11703451

Has 1/4" Threaded Inlet & 1/4" Threaded Outlet.

WPW10217918 Whirlpool Water Valve PS11750554

Has 1/4" Quick Connect Inlet & 1/4" Quick Connect Outlet.

WP2304016 Whirlpool Control Board PS969709

Electronic Board For Ice Machine.

WP2217220 Universal Brand Circulating Pump

Circulates Water From Reservoir to Evaporator & Back

WP2313637 Whirlpool Ice Cutter Grid PS988982

Cut The Slabs Of Ice Into Cube-Lets.

WP2185657 Whirlpool Transformer PS11739074


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WPW10503764 Whirlpool Ice Bin Thermostat PS11739744

Controls Ice Machine Shut-Off When Bin Is Full

WP2313633 Whirlpool Ice Bin Stat PS11740332

Controls Ice Machine Shut-Off When Bin Is Full

WPW10511923 Whirlpool Ice Bin Stat PS11755842

Controls Ice Machine Shut-Off When Bin Is Full

WPW10683580 Whirlpool Ice Thickness Control PS11757112

Thickness Control For Ice

WP2185680 Whirlpool Ice Thickness Control PS11739075

Thickness Control For Ice

WP2313635 Whirlpool Ice Thickness Control PS11740333

Thickness Control For Ice

W10822259 Fan Motor Kit 4387244 PS371043

Cools Compressor and Condenser

WP2313628 Whirlpool Recirculating Pump PS11740331

Circulates Water From Reservoir to Evaporator & Back

WPW10548509 Whirlpool Water Fill Sensor PS11756166

Used To Sense When Water Reservoir Is Full

WP2313702 Whirlpool Pump - Sensor - Bracket Asm PS11740337

Includes Recirculating Pump - Water Sensor - Bracket

WP2313705 Whirlpool Reservoir Drain Pump PS11740338

Empties Water Reservoir After Each Batch

W10124096 Whirlpool Fan Motor Kit PS1957416

Cools Compressor and Condenser

W10585391 Whirlpool Water Valve PS7783861

Has (1) 5/16 inch Quick Connect Port & (1) 1/4 inch Quick Connect Port

WPW10217917 Whirlpool Water Valve PS11750553

Has (2) 1/4 inch Quick Connect Ports

WP2310139 Whirlpool Transformer PS11740309

Controls Low Voltage To Machine

WPW10226156 Whirlpool Control Board PS11750683


WPW10141364 Control Board PS11748974


1901A Ice Machine Drain Pump PS3650734

New Size Approx. 8-1/2" Long x 4-1/4" Wide x 8-3/8" Tall.

Under Counter Ice Machine Cleaner

Nickel Safe formula - Used to Clean Ice Machines.

W10493422A Whirlpool Ice Scoop PS8759399

Used to Scoop Ice out of Storage Bin.