2198597 Ice Maker Parts for Whirlpool Refrigerators.

2198597 Universal Brand Ice Maker

New - Better Lasting - Better Design Mechanical Icemaker than the Whirlpool style modular ice makers. This Universal Brand 2198597 Ice Maker Assembly is an approved replacement ice maker for your refrigerator.
Comes with a One Year Warranty!
This New Upper Front Mount Ice Maker produces 8-cubes per batch and is for 25cf - 27cf Models with ice bucket in the freezer door.

Compatible 4389102 Ice Level Optics Kit W10757851

For 20cf - 48cf SxS Models With Vertical Ice Bucket in the Freezer Door.

W10757851 Ice Maker Optics Board 4389102 PS10064583

'No Refunds This Part'
'Warranty Replacement Only'

WP2198633 Whirlpool Ice Optics Flipper PS11739242

For Models With Vertical Ice Bucket in Freezer Door.

W10190935 Whirlpool Module & Motor PS2341896

Used For All Domestic Modular Style Ice Makers!

WPW10190929 Ice Mold & Heater PS11749915

Used For All Domestic 8-Cube Modular Style Ice Makers.

WP627985 Ice Maker Thermostat & Clips PS11743313

Used For All Domestic Modular Style Ice Makers.